The Volvo Ocean Race is known as one of the longest and most difficult races in the world.

In 1927 the Volvo Car Group was founded in Sweden and quickly became a leading automobile manufacturer now available in over 100 countries around the world. With their strong brand image, Volvo became lead sponsor of the Volvo Ocean Race, a brutal competition that adheres to the same philosophies as the car company, upholding safety and the drive to move technology forward.

To sum it up, the Volvo Ocean Race is a special event that takes place every 3 years. Starting in 1973, the race tests the limits of human skill and endurance. It can be compared to other great world events such as the Olympics and the America’s Cup. The difference is, in the Volvo Ocean Race there is no prize. It is a true test of teamwork and abilities, along with courage and innovation. After all, the Volvo Ocean Race does not take place in just a day… or even a week, but over 9 months, across four oceans and five continents whereby sailors have to deal with the harshest weather conditions in the most remote locations.

The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 is the 43rd time this event has taken place. The course will start in Alicante, Spain and end in The Hague, Netherlands. This year, the race also comes to Hong Kong for the first time. Follow the race at (