Travel in Autumn

Text by Angela Thien

Planning your next grand vacation? Here are our picks for the most beautiful places around the world to view autumn leaves and experience the essence of changing seasons.

Kyoto, Japan

While most people think of flying to Japan to watch the Sakura bloom, the bright colours of autumn are just as beautifulif not more striking. One of the best places to view the changing leaves is in the ancient city of Kyoto with its numerous gardens and forested areas. The best time to go is mid to late November up to early December. Kiyomizudera Temple (pictured) also features special autumn leaf illuminations during the fall season.

Loire Valley, France

Known for its fairy tale chateaux, the Loire Valley in France will let you experience harvest season in a completely different way. In Autumn, grapes hang heavy ready to be plucked and made into the country’s finest wines while trees and vines turn bright shades of gold and rust.

White Mountain New Hampshire, USA

With vast open National Parks, the United States of America has some of the world’s most stunning autumn landscapes. However, one that seems to top every list is White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. The White Mountains cover almost a quarter of the state, so experienced hikers and light walkers alike can enjoy a part of the view.

The Great Wall of China (Badaling Section), China

Although nature alone is glorious, coupling it with a world wonder will make your trip unforgettable. Autumn is one of the best seasons to see the Great Wall of China due to favorable weather and the glorious colours that abound in the surrounding forest. The Badaling section of the wall is located close to Beijing, completely restored and is suitable for all travellers.

Patagonia, Argentina

Wildlands and glorious mountains are framed by fiery trees in Patagonia’s Autumn season. Be prepared for a more strenuous trip, as it’ll take physical fitness and heart to find the best views. Nahuel Huapi National Park (Pictured) on the foothills of the Andes offers a showstopping sight.