[Blog]Top Boutique Hotels of Hong Kong in 3 Attraction Area

Over the past few years boutique hotels in Hong Kong are getting more and more popular. We can find chic and small-scale hotels with less than 100 rooms have mushroomed rapidly. Each hotel is distinctly unique. They have made Hong Kong’s hotel industry more exciting and more attracting. They have provided more options to tourists as well. Let us introduce you Top 3 boutique hotels with different styles and located in 3 different attraction areas in Hong Kong.


99 Bonham – Boutique Hotel in the Happening Neighborhood

This boutique hotel situated in the heart of Sheung Wan District, the old settled area of Hong Kong where the hotel’s price nowadays is quite expensive since it is near the Central area, the center of the business.

99 Bonham is the 37 storeys building and served as hotel and serviced-apartments. Every room offered small kitchen with microwave for those who would like to have a long stay.

The advantage of 99 Bonham is the design which is chic, cool and compact. The bedroom painted with grey color provides the solemn mood and the wooden floor gives the warm atmosphere when step on it, while the bathroom decorated with black painted glass adds the cool and chic vibes. The highlight of the hotel is the monolithic glass around the room, unveils the stunning view of Hong Kong city, which is not the infamous Victoria Peak but the skyscrapers, look alike corn fields, and nowhere can compete it. When you stand there and look around, you will feel like standing in the middle of the world of concrete building.

Besides, each room offered multi-purpose table, 4 seats dining table, desk and 2 love seats, as well as the bathtub in the small bathroom. It’s adequate for 99 Bonham to fit everything in the not so large room size. We need to give credit to the design company, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners from Italy. They are successful and famous from the design of Bulgari Hotel in London and Milan and also Bulgari Resort Hotel in Bali.

This boutique hotel is suitable for hip and chic tourist who would like to experience the charm of Sheung Wan, where the old era and new era collide and also where the local live together with the expats. Tourist can stay in the same accommodation and share the same destiny as those people. If you stay at 99 Bonham, the must-do is to stand at the rooftop of the hotel, indulge yourself with the stunning view of the morning, noon, afternoon and evening. Especially during the night when the light of the stars are not as bright as the artificial lights from the corn-shaped skyscrapers.

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TUVE – The Coolest Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong


If we compare TUVE to a paper, it must be the white paper with a few drawing lines. However, it means so much because TUVE’s way is minimalist. Also timeless is its core value.

TUVE is one of a few boutique hotels in Hong Kong which won many design awards both national and international. That’s why TUVE is getting more famous amongst the designers and tourists who admire the design and architecture.


The stylish TUVE located in Tin Hau area, only one station from Causeway Bay. Our taxi took a while to find the exact place of the hotel and finally we had to get off and see if the large gate that look alike warehouse was exactly TUVE we were looking for… and yes this hotel named after Lake Tuve in Sweden. The name of the hotel is written on the floor and the small address number is humblyplaced on the wall. That was I had mentioned before that minimalist is way of TUVE so that even the name of the hotel is like a whisper to your ear.

There are total 66 rooms divided into Premiere, Deluxe and Comfort ranging from price and size. We stayed in Comfort room, only 17 square meter but we were comfy enough. The room shape is rectangle and there are a few furniture. The highlight is the desk which can fold into the box to save the space. The light in the room was designed to spread the light throughout the room like a UFO, which is the unique characteristic of the hotel. Besides, every room of TUVE offered free of charge Handy Phone which guest can use during the stay, this phone can make a free local call and use free internet and social network such as facebook and instagram, we can surely save the budget and don’t bother changing SIM card

TUVE is suitable for those who love the design and have attention to small details since the story of the design starting right from the front door with the raw concrete walls, the dimmed lobby has only the sunlight through the wall behind, the magnificent marble pattern in the bathroom and last but not least the room number hanging on the wall that draws us to look up. All of these made us wholeheartedly reward TUVE as The Coolest Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong.

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The Perkin Hotel – The Functional Boutique Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui

It is quite unbelievable that in a small alley named Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui area where people love to hang out and there are many bars and restaurants, would nestle a humble boutique hotel. Besides, the room size is surprisingly 35 square meter… which is truly generous for boutique hotel in Hong Kong.

We stayed in Executive Room and it was more spacious than we had expected. We could store the 2-3 big luggages there and since the room shape is rectangle, the furniture is perfectly well placed. Especially the queen sized bed which is facing the large window, unveiling the view of the Tsim Sha Tsui right in front of us.

This room has many functions such as the large desk which can comfortably fit the 2 computers, the wide walking space, the several shelves especially behind the bed there are shelves with fridge and minibar and the large bathroom sink area which is the long and big rock plate that can put many cosmetics and still there is available space.

Besides, every room offered free of charge Handy Phone which can make a free local phone call and free internet. Also there are complimentary one time minibar and light breakfast serves everyday; toast, boiled egg, cereal, tea and coffee and in the afternoon there are complimentary afternoon tea and pastry as well.

The Perkin Hotel offered all perfect facilities like the city hotel, it is suitable for the couple or best friends that love to hang out and enjoy the cool vibe in the Tsim Sha Shui style, the sleepless area of Hong Kong.


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The Perkin Hotel

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We believe that Hong Kong is such well-known destination for Thai people and these 3 boutique hotels can help you get to know Hong Kong more. Travelling to Hong Kong is easy and convenient, Thai Airways can take you to Hong Kong with … direct flights per day or …direct flights per week. You can do online check in before starting the trip and no need to queue up at the counter, just drop the bag and go straight to the boarding gate. Wish you have a safe trip and Have fun in Hong Kong.