The Leading Hotels of Paris

Story: L’Officiel Thailand
Translation: Social.ThaiAirways

Paris has accommodation to suit everyone’s needs. Even after multiple trips to Paris, this one was particularly special as Leading Hotels of the World invited us to see two of their luxury properties. While the hotels may lack size, they more than make up for this with character. Best of all? They are located right on the famous Champs-Élysées.


Walking into this hotel feels like going back in time. In fact, one of the entrances here used to be a carriage entrance where horses would parked. Hotel Lancaster Paris was once the private mansion of a Spanish nobleman before being converted into a hotel by Emile Wolf in 1889. Wolf searched for antique furniture throughout Paris and the hotel still retains many of the selected pieces. Of course, what is Paris without art history? You’ll find plenty of works by artists who have stayed here over the years, including pieces by Boris Pastukhov. The Lancaster was also popular with golden age celebrities such as Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly and Pedro Almodóvar. More famously, it was home to Marlene Dietrich for over three years. The hotel pays homage to her by naming one of the newly refurbished suites the Marlene Dietrich Suite. For an unforgettable view, get up on the rooftop to see the nearby Eiffel Tower.


What were hotels originally like in Paris? To find the answer to this question, we suggest Hotel Raphael, one of the best preserved hotels in the city. Founded in 1925, it is currently managed by the fourth generation of original owners. Just a few minutes walk from the Arc de Triomphe, this hotel stands out further with decor. Out of the 83 rooms, each is uniquely decorated with special frescoes, wallpaper, paintings and old furniture. It almost makes one feel as if they are staying in a museum, but with all the modern comforts of a luxury property. The Hotel Raphael Paris has hosted many diplomats and world leaders as well as celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Steve McQueen, Roger Moore and Marlon Brando. Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn famously stayed her during the filming of Charade in 1963.