Holi Festival

Detour from Delhi

The colourful Holi Festival, celebrated throughout India and Nepal is now known all over the world. This religious celebration also ushers in the spring time, and those that celebrate do so by gathering together and throwing powdered colours on one another. This festival brings families, friends and even enemies together in good spirits.

Originally, the festival was named after Holika, sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. As the story goes, she tricked her her nephew Prahlada into sitting in a fire with her. However, unknown to Prahlada, Holika had a cloak to protect herself. As the fires burned, the cloak flew off Holika and protected Prahlada. This is why those who celebrate Holi in India and Nepal start with a bonfire (sometimes with an effigy of Holika) to signify evil being burned away.

Today, there are many Holi-inspired festivals throughout the world that are based on the same concept of joy and togetherness, along with using the coloured powders.

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