Awaken the Monkey

When it comes to Honda’s legendary motorcyle models, many would nod at the name “Honda Monkey.” Because of its unique design and over half a century of finely built reputation, it is the de-facto minibike for any collector.

The Monkey began in 1961 with a ‘naughty’ idea. A team of Honda engineers wanted to build a small vehicle for leisure use between home and the office. They took whatever they had around the production lab and with a little love, this charming prince was born.

Don’t let the size and spherical headlamp fool you, the moped delivers unprecedented driving fun. With its ‘cute-but-cool’ look, it gripped the Japanese market by storm after its first test drive (for kids, mind you) at Tamata Tech Park.

By 1967, the signature Monkey style became even more prominent. It developed into the Honda Z50M, designed to be foldable for maximum portability.

Today, the new Honda Monkey 2018 is back, imbued with that ever-so-naughty sprit that’s so unique to its identity. Every bit of the design is true to the original.

Fancy a mini bike tour up the French Alps or a casual round along the southern coasts of Thailand? This portable Monkey is sure to bring back nostalgia, as well as facilitate that hipster van-life many of us are so inclined to dream up.